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  • Applications specific formulation
  • Original manufacturer of plate and pipe
  • Available on a variety of base metals
  • Hardfacing applied to customers supplied parts
  • Dedicated team providing mill and pulverizer restoration


One wire doesn't fit all applications.
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Hardfacing Wires


Get the protection you need.

Wear Services, Inc. is an industry leader in hardfacing. We use various alloy compositions to address specific wear applications. All of our wires have been formulated to provide the best wear protection.


Wire Description
WEAR-580-MNO Manganese wire used primarily in hammer rebuild applications
WEAR-590-TCO Titanium carbide wire used in high impact applications
WEAR-600-LCCO Lower carbon chrome carbide used in high pressure grinding applications
WEAR-610-HCCO Chrome carbide wire probably the most versatile wire on the market. used on CCO Plate, CCP Pipe, hardfacing by hand and many other applications
WEAR-620-CXO Complex carbide formulated specifically for single pass applications

Niobium carbide complex carbide

WEAR-640-CX3O A high alloy complex carbide hardfacing used in severe wear applications
WEAR-650-WCO Tungsten carbide hardfacing used in the most extreme wear applications